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Takes a moment to get used to, but I liked it a lot! Has a good look and feel to it.
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YAY, big thanks! I really like that people enjoy my game C:

Hi just a person using a mac laptop. Could you make this game available for mac? I understand if you can't.

I'm afraid, but i can't, because i don't have any Apple products :c

Thats alright

What's the point of the weapons? (I'm probably derping here but if someone could help me out, I'd be grateful)

Nevermind, just realized it gives me more time to search :P

Sorry that i didn't reply you :D

No problem :D excellent game btw!

Haha, thanks! C:

Even when I download the game, I'm clicking :) Amazing Game ;)

Wow, thanks!

Even when I download the game, I'm clicking :) Amazing Game ;)

Just so I know: Does it save when I exit out?

Yes, of course.

Nice job man :D

Would be awesome to have some sort of leaderboard though to compare scores with others :p

Thanks for review and for such a good idea :D

Well done my friend, extremely addicting game with plenty to keep you busy.

Thanks! :D

I just noticed how good a job the animated image on this page does of showing how to play the game.

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Yes, it does :D

superb graphics and use of UI